Thursday, February 8, 2007

Claire's 6 Year Old Wisdom

Last night while we were driving home from day care, Claire was staring at a billboard sign for Whataburger. For those of you who don't have these fast food restaurants, they have really good (but huge) burgers and tasty taquitos for breakfast among other things on their menu.

Claire: Mom, I don't want to ever eat there.

Me: Where honey?

Claire: There! *As she points to the sign* They have water in their burgers. See, it says so on their sign.


Update on me becoming more MILF like. Not so good. I decided to give the 'ole scale a try this morning only for it to lie to me and say I have actually gained 5 pounds. I wanted to slap someone. So, I put the scale in the closet and shut the door, that'll teach you to tell me I'm fat. You're fat! Stupid scale!! Oh well, life will go on.

I have asked hubby to participate like Lotta's husband did over at and tell me 6 odd/weird things about me. He wrote down two immediately and then has spent the last two days trying to figure out some more. Guess I am not as weird as I thought huh? Every once in awhile I would take a peek and say something like "What is weird about that?", and his response would be do you want me to do this or not! So I closed my mouth. Last night as we were watching American Idol he asked me if I would use the fact that he thinks that I wont get on top during sex weird. Hell no!! Think of something else honey. Personally I think there is nothing wrong with the fact that I don't want to be a "rider".

Anyway, so that will be coming prolly later tonight. Thanks for the idea Lotta!

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Jenny said...

You tell that scale who's boss!

PS. I used to think it was Water Burger too.