Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Finally Friday

Happy Friday my peeps! I couldn't be more thrilled either. Tomorrow is the big move. The movers arrive between 8-9 and we're hoping to have everything packed and ready to go by then. Hubby took off today to take down beds, last minute packing, laundry, etc. Our first real house!! Woo hoo!! I am excited, scared, sad all rolled into one. Everything will be fine I am sure. We wont have access to our Internet until next Wednesday so if I disappear for a few days, you know why.


Taylor is becoming quite the little punk. In our family, I am the "mean parent". When I tell them to do something by God they do it or fear the consequences. Please don't think I am the next mommy Dearest, but being a single mom for many years required me to not be a push over. Dad is the sweet, kind, fun one. Even my kids have told him that. The problem with this is Dad gets no respect.

Last night hubby asked Taylor to do something and the little troll said no, you're ugly, and then hit him. Normally that is when Mom jumps in and puts him in time out and so forth. Last night, I tried to let Dad handle it. All I heard was screams from Taylor and Dad basically pleading with him to stop crying and lets talk. That is how Dad handles things. His little "speeches". They don't seem to be working though.

Later on, I mention to Taylor that he is getting a little too big for his britches. His response, "well then buy me some bigger ones mommy." Yes adorable and too cute and it took everything I had not to laugh and explain what I was talking about. Little bugger.


Valentines was a great success. Hubby had ordered roses to be delivered to my work but due to all of that bad weather going on, they never got to me. I was a little disappointed but, I knew he at least tried. I did get a nice little bouquet from my grandfather tho. He is the sweetest man alive. When I called to thank him he said I hope it is real pretty because I told them to give you something nice. I assured him they were beautiful.

We had arranged a sitter and once we got a little tiff at home again over Taylor's attitude, we were off to enjoy our kid-fee evening. Dinner was awesome. We went to this nice little Chinese restaurant right by our new house and they had the best California rolls. After stuffing our faces we went to the movies to see Lyrics and Melody. Great movie!! I love chick flicks!! Bryan joked around about falling asleep in it. It is an inside joke between us. When I turned 20 he took me to a movie to see Meet Joe Black. I was in love with the movie, sitting on the edge of my seat, tears filling my eyes and I look over all mushy with love to see him asleep - snoring. I was pissed. But luckily he did not fall asleep this time, he would have lost an arm if he had.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Make sure ya'll miss me bunches over the weekend.
PS. Hubby just called and said dsl has already been turned off to be transfer. :(

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