Friday, February 2, 2007

Keeping Up

I read so many blogs and love to particpate as much as possible when they ask for others to post pictures of something or someone or tell their story about *inster topic here* and so on and so forth. Erik, otherwise known as the Very Nice Man has asked everyone to post a childhood picture of themselves. So here is my pic for that....

I dont why it put there twice put at least you get to see it.


The other was when Stephanie over at wrote about how she met her husband. I like to tell people my story because they always seemed a little surprised.

I lived in GA at the time with my bff and another roomate at the ripe age of 19. Her and I had gone to dinner at this awesome family restaurant called O'Charley's. I ordered the same thing I got every time we went... a salad with the chicken strips on a seperate plate and no croutons. I actually would say "please decroutonize the salad." I was super picky back then. So our waiter that evening was so cute and had the nicest ass I had seen on a boy. We flirted back and forth for a bit and he commented on what beautiful blue eyes I had and were they mine. I actually have brown eyes but I had in these friggin amazing blue contacts that looked genuine. Of course I said their mine. At the end of the meal I asked him if he would like to come with me and bff to our pool and chill. He said yes!

And people, the rest is history. I married my waiter. :)

PS. In case you're wondering I did tell him later that my blue eyes were pretend. I mean hell, I was going to have to take them out at bed time and all but luckily, he liked the brown eyed girl too.

Okay for some reason every one of my pics wants to be posted at the beginning of this post. Sorry about that. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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Jenny said...

I love it! And I bet when he orders your dinner for you he never forgets to ask them to decrutonize it.

Damn. I should have married a waiter too. Or better yet, a housekeeper.

PS. Check your URL on Mama Drama next time you post a comment. I think it might be a little wrong because I can't get to your blog when I click on your name. Of course it could just be me. :)