Thursday, February 22, 2007

New House + Sick Kids = Irritable Mommy

First things first, the move. The movers finally showed up around 10 am last Saturday. Hubby, the kids and I, had been anxiously waiting for them. So much for the between 8-9 appointment time. As they introduced themselves, hubby and I exchanged glances. We both thought it pretty ironic that one of them was named Chase, the name of last ex boyfriend before hubby and I got together. We were starting a new life in a new house and the dude helping just happened to bring the past with him. Oh well beggars cant be choosers right? Besides, all they were doing is hauling all of our crap for us. I have never had a moving company before but let me just say, I recommend to all. How nice it was to just stand back and not kill myself with hauling boxes bigger than myself into a rented Uhaul. The kids were so excited to see the big truck but the excitement wore off quickly and they began to drive us crazy. Luckily, my aunt just lives around the corner and was able to come and save us with a trip to McDonald's.

We still have tons of unpacked boxes in our living room but the space people! The space!! I can actually lose a kid in here. I love the fact that I can be in one part of the house and not hear a peep from playing/fighting munchkins. The only annoying part of that is hubby constantly will be yelling for me from say the garage and I am in the kitchen when he knows damn well I cannot hear him. It totally irritates me when he does that.

Taylor was the first to come down with this temperature raising virus Sunday afternoon. It was like in a matter of minutes he went from his loving, hyper little self to this quiet, miserable looking little boy. The good thing about Taylor is when he is not feeling well, he sleeps and sleeps and really just wants to be left alone. Claire came down with it on Tuesday. Bryan stayed home with them Monday and Tuesday while I worked but yesterday and today have been my days. Yesterday was rough. Claire still wants to be entertained and has to be doing something, even with a damn 102.5 fever. She amazes me. And if I give her Tylenol, the girl just comes alive with energy. I managed to get a few boxes unpacked yesterday without packing up a single child in one, and a few loads of laundry. Taylor was feeling mucho better this morning and last night so off to school he went. So it is just me and Claire today -- it is not even 10:30 yet and I am praying for nap time. Send some patience vibes this way people, she may not make it out alive.


This weekend the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo cook off kicks off. Well actually, it starts today but I never get to go on the weekdays because well, school and work just doesn't go well with too many Bud Lites. But, tomorrow the kids' are spending the weekend with my parents and hubby and I are going out there to have some grownup fun!! Woo hoo!! I have been looking forward to this all week. Anyone else going?

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Jenny said...

Rodeo time already?! Crap. Where have I been? Gotta get some tickets quick.