Sunday, February 4, 2007


I found myself in a situation this morning that I was not very fond of. We live in an apartment complex right now, we have for about 3 years so we have gotten to know many of our neighbors. My daughter has two friends that live in the complex as well as one of them also goes to the same daycare.

Iana is a pretty little girl who just turned 7 in January. Her mother is also a really good friend of mine. We usually get together every weekend. I don't always agree with her parenting skills and used to worry about some of the things Iana does or says. I didn't want Claire to pick up those things. I talked to her mom on more then one occasion about it and she said how she wished Iana was more like Claire. More innocent, more like the age that she is. The big thing a few years ago was Iana is allowed to watch scary movies. Her mom chose to let her watch these shows because she didn't want her daugher to be a "scaredy cat". My daughter is one of those. She has always been scared of pretty much everything. The first time I heard about this fascination of Iana's was when Claire came home in tears one evening talking about the leprechaun that lived in the drains that ate little babies. Of course, I was not happy about this at all and addressed it immediately with Iana's mom. Basically I told her Claire would not be able to play with her daughter anymore if she was going to continue to talk about things that terrified my daughter. Claire is now 6 but still a "young" 6, and I want to keep it like that. Iana was over at my home last night and I got a little irritated with her. She was conatanly putting down Claire's choice of makeup, songs, etc. I finally told her she was going to have to go home if she was going to continue to hurt Claire's feelings.

The other friend is Isabelle, who is 6 like Claire and she goes to the same elementary school. I made friends with her mom but the friendship was short lived. She has a "boyfriend" that she refers to as her husband. He is the father of little Isabelle. I have no respect for this man. He treats the mom like shit, cheats on her, made a pass at me, but she continues to stay with him even though she is very aware of all of his issues. For Christmas he old her she would be getting nothing from him because whores don't get Christmas gifts. I can not stand this man! And whenever I would try to hang out with the mom whenever the loser was gone, she would do nothing but talk about him. It got old. Fast. Now their little girl drives me insane every time she comes over. She does not know how to talk in a normal tone so everything that comes out sounds like a whine. She is also a huge tattle tell. And she usually spends her entire playtime in the living room complaining to myself or hubby about the other kids. I cringe when this little girl wants to come over.

Last night, Claire was invited to come over to Iana's house to play with her and Isabelle. An hour or so later, I get a call from Isabelle's mom asking what "sign" my daughter is because once again, her and Isabelle were not getting along. The ACTUAL problem is not what zodiac sign my daughter is, it is the fact that when the three girls get together they gang up on Claire and Isabelle is a huge bossy pants. My daughter usually ends up crying because she gets her feelings hurt and I get pissed. It has gotten to where I don't want her playing with them and am looking forward to the move. Isabelle's mom told me that Iana had made Claire and Iabelle write I am sorry notes to each other and I thought this was a nice suggestion. I went to pick Claire up shortly afterwards and I saw some paper in her hand but didn't think to ask about it.

This morning, Claire showed me those pieces of paper. One was the I am sorry note, but the other was a drawing of 2 little girls. One looked like she was glowing and the other seemed to be on fire. Claire said the glowing one was Isabelle and she was an angel. Then she pointed to the other and said this is me and I am the devil.

I am sure you know how friggin pissed I was! How dare those little snots tell my daughter that she is the devil! I got on the phone and first called Iana's mother because her daughter is the on that seems to be fascinated with demons and shit, but she didn't answer. I will talk to her, you can bet your ass about that. I DID speak to Isabelle's mom and of course she couldn't imagine Isabelle saying something like that etc., etc. Basically I just told her I don't appreciate it. She said she would talk to her monster. She went on the say that they would be having a super bowl party this afternoon but we were not invited (Bryan and I) because her loser of a man has issues with us. But Claire and Taylor were invited. Yeah, when HELL freezes over!!!!


Jenny said...

Wow. How fricking frustrating!

The bad thing is that our kids will always have friends that we don't like or are bad examples. The only thing we can do is give them the self-esteem to know when to say "Enough!"

But at 6 it's so dang hard.

min said...

You're moving!! You'll have a whole new set of snotty nosed friends with obnoxious parents to deal with...but it gets easier. I kept having to reinforce to my kids, "some people behave that way, but we don't!" Once they were old enough to begin choosing who to hang out with, the behavior of their friends improved greatly.
Violet hates scary movies too. She's loves ET but will only watch it in the daylight hours and there has to be at least two other people in the room at all times. She's seventeen!! I love her to death for it!