Thursday, February 1, 2007

Too Funny...

Mornings are very hectic in out house hold. I am a morning person and hubby is pretty much one as well. Claire and Taylor -- HELL NO!!
They are complete bears in the am. You practically have to drag them out of their beds while they cry, whine, and complain the ENTIRE time you're getting them dressed. This morning was a little better since Claire woke up on her own but Taylor cried and drooled all over himself while I attempted to put clothes on the child. It's very annoying.
Hubby sings and dances and we do the very best we can to try to make them laugh and make mornings "fun" for them. I got on to Claire for doing a not so good job with brushing her teeth. I am sorry, but sucking all of the toothpaste off and then lighting swiping the brush over the front of your teeth is not going to work for this mom. She then started to tear up and I thought oh goodness so not a good morning. As hubby was putting on her shoes he tried getting her back into her former smiling self when she exclaimed...
Claire: Daddy, your breath stinks!
Hubby and I looked at each other and cracked up laughing. Thank you Claire for bringing the laughter back into our morning.

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min said...

I'll bet Claire's breath was sprink fresh once she finally got those teeth brushed. With adults, spring fresh breath only lasts until the coffee's done.