Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I guess she is listening when I talk...

This morning Claire was telling me about her friend's Easy Bake Oven like toy. Now I am not sure if everyone remembers, but Claire got an Easy Bake Oven this past Christmas. No worries though, we did hear about the recall on them and we're all over it. This was our conversation.

Claire: Mom, Izzy has this toy the looks like my easy bake oven, but it is not. It's like a microwave.

Me: Well that's cool.

Claire: I would to have one of those, so, when my easy bake oven gets old or we tear it up .. can I have a microwave one like Izzy?

Me: (laughing) Claire, that oven has been around way before even mom was a kid. It will never get old. Just be happy with what you got honey.

I thought this was amusing because when I clean out the kids' toy closet I tell them that anything that is old, they don't play with anymore, or that they tore up (meaning broke) is either going to Goodwill (if it is still good) or I am trashing it.

Since the exact same words just came out of my daughter's mouth, she really does hear me.

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Jenny said...

Ha! The listen...but they don't always understand.