Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Lunch Money

My children usually take their lunch to school every day. Hubby says we save money this way. I say it is a pain in the ass to make the lunches in the morning and would much rather have them buy, but since he is usually the one making the lunches - he wins. Every once in awhile we let them buy their lunch. So, last Friday I sent 20.00 with Claire to give to her teacher to add to her lunch account. I did this thinking she would have credit and could take her lunch on days when I didn't feel like making her lunch.

Below are emails from myself to her teacher, and then responses from her when I was a bit confused with the note I got in Claire's folder Friday after school. (Remember, I had sent 20 bucks with her that morning.)

Teacher's response after asking about my 20 dollars:

She gave it to me and I held it until lunchtime..I put her in the line with it and then I leave the cafeteria..I just asked her and she said she handed it to the lunchlady...We will check today and I will let you know!!

My response to this was "great, let me know!"


Okay...I just had them check...she was negative $1.40 or something like that....I think when Mrs. Cykala wrote the note it was $19something....so the 20 dollars took care of that and then she must have gotten lunch and that took it back negative...Does that sound right? I know Claire ususally brings her lunch so she must be getting breakfast on her account, also snacks on Fridays cost extra. I am not in the lunchroom but I can have Mrs. Cykala keep an eye on what is going on!! Thanks!!


Good Lord yes please do. She eats breakfast at Daycare so she should not be eating at school too. We had this problem last year and Claire has said she has not been doing that this year. She usually brings her lunch every dayunless as a treat we let her buy. I do believe that she bought her lunch this past Friday so that would make sense for the -1.40.

Conclusion: Claire was eating breakfast at daycare and then eating again at the school because, "Mom, they have chocolate milk!!".

I wonder if they make a sign to put on her that says, "Don't feed the red head please".

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