Saturday, February 3, 2007

Are you serious? Oh wait, you are....

Yesterday was a good day for me at work. Not too busy but not too slow. My spirits were high and I knew I would be meeting my honey and a friend for drinks after I got off. Now when I tell you this you're prolly going to think my Nicole is such a bit**. And yes, I can be -- but mostly I am just a real big smart ass. This happened about 2ish and afterwards I thought, this day just cannot get any better.

My company has a hired a few new people as I have mentioned in a post before. Yes, one of them likes to pee on seats. But anyway, one of the fax machines that that this department uses is right next to me cubicle. The person using the machine is practically standing in my space. Some times yes it can be annoying but Friday it totally paid off.

The fax machine is ringing with an incoming fax and one of the new hires picks the phone up on the fax.

Lady: (Insert my company's name here)?

I slowly stop typing and look at her out of the corner of my eye, thinking no way did she just do that??

She slowly puts the phone down and turns to me...

Lady: That has been happening to me all day and they just keep hanging up on me.

Me: Well damn that's rude! No manners at all!!

Yes, yes I know I should have told her that she doesn't need to pick up the phone and explain the whole thing to her, but this way was just much more fun.

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min said...

You are so bad!!!