Sunday, February 11, 2007

Home Depot

I have just returned from having dinner with the Home Depot family. This has been like my third time to go to one of these functions with hubby and kids, and tonight I came to the conclusion that the next one, I am going to be sick. I can be quite anti social as hubby likes to call it politely. In reality, I am a real bitch when I have to attend something where I do not know anyone. I am uncomfortable, quiet, and generally just not myself. Why do I act this way? I can not honestly tell you, I have always been this way. I tend to look down upon others who are "cliquish", but you know what -- the truth is I am cliquish. I don't tend to stray outside of my "safe" circle. Hubby says this causes people to think that I am rude and not a nice person, when actually (his words here now people), you are really funny, sweet, and the life of the party. You just have to know who you're partying with. Does anyone else suffer from this?


The funny part was when were getting ready to leave, I was putting son in the back seat and I noticed he had his hands over his ears.

Me: What are you doing?

Son: I was waiting for that noise to start.

Me: Oh well, it wont this time because this IS are car.

Son: Okay good. Cause that noise is L O U D.

In case you haven't read, I posted on Jenny's blog ( awhile back about putting kids in the wrong car while leaving Home Depot. My children are like elephants, they forget nothing I tell you.

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Jenny said...

Dang. You're right.

Hailey's never going to forget.