Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Old Navy

I love Old Navy! I truly love shopping there and if I never owned another piece of clothing unless it was from their store, I would be fine with that. Just fine. But yesterday I got a little peeved with the young girl that was working there.

My whole family and in laws know how much I adore that store. So of course for Xmas I got a few gift cards and immediately hit the sales after the holidays. I am a bad shopper. I give women every where a bad name. I hate shopping. I do not try on anything. And usually, once I get it home and it doesn't fit -- it's off to Goodwill. Do I have the money to be so frugal? No, certainly not. But I do not do returns. Besides, I hate telling the young hot size 1 cashier chicks that umm, yeah I need a larger size. One time I actually told the girl that I was returning these for my sister and they were too small for her. Sad huh?

Anyway, so yesterday at work my zipper came off it's little track on my favorite Old Navy jeans. I was so not happy. I remembered I still had a pair of jeans I had purchased in one of my drawers that were too small with the tags still on them. I decided I was going to take them back and exchange them for a pair that didn't suck my will to live. Here is how it went...

Me: Yes I would like to exchange these.

Chick: Do you have your receipt?

Me: No, I bought it with a gift card.

Chick: Do you still have the gift card?

Me: No, I used it all so I threw it away.

Chick: Okay well without either of those you can either try and find the exact same type of jeans or you can fill out some paperwork and wait for your refund in the mail.

(Hmm, you would have thought I was trying to return a tv or something)

Me: Okay I will see if I can find them.

*****************15 minutes later after staring at their huge selection of jeans***************

Me: Okay I think these are the same jeans.

Chick: (Staring intensely at the tags) Looks like it!

She puts them in a bag and I head home feeling all cheery that I have a new pair of jeans that will hopefully fit my fat ass. I get home and go into the bedroom to put my new jeans up. As I start to rip off the tags, I do a double take. No way, this can't be happening!! After all of that!!!

Bit** gave me the same jeans that I had returned back....

Old Navy sucks.

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min said...

That would be the only excuse I needed to polish off a half gallon of chocolate mint chip ice-cream. (of course, then I'd have to stick with elastic waist jogging pants,but hey, I'm okay with that).