Saturday, January 13, 2007


So after a long day of slaving away in my cubicle, I came home to two fighting children and football watching hubby. He had already started dinner (a usual for our home since I cannot cook), so I decided I was going to relax with a book and a bubble bath. Sounds great right? It took maybe a whole 6 minutes and in comes my son who is 4.

Son: Mom, I have to poop! (he is doing his little poopy dance while saying this and squeezing his butt cheeks together)

Me: *sigh* Fine, hurry up hon,

Just so you know, this is not uncommon. We only have 1 bathroom so it never fails that someone has to use the potty while I am in there. Even if I am already on the pot.

I yell from the bath for hubby to come and wipe son's butt. Dad comes in, wipes, and I am back to my bath and book. 2 minutes later, daughter who is 6 comes in.

Daughter: Mom, I have to go to the bathroom.

Me: *Rolling eyes* Hurry up please. Wait, do you have to go pee or poop?

Daughter: Poop! (as she wiggles her little booty into position on the seat)

You have got to be kidding me? I cannot believe this. How the hell am I supposed to soak and be whisked away by my book to some far away world while she is grunting and groaning over there??

She finishes up and goes on about her merry way. I minute later, and I am not exaggerting here people, the door flies open and son runs in.

Son: Mom I have to poop again!

Me: What in the world??

Son: It's okay mom, its just a little one.

Who needs candles or smelly bath oils when I have my very own personal aromatherapy.


Mama Drama Jenny said...

Ha! When I was growing up we had one bathroom for a family of 4. That's probably the reason my mom always took quick showers.

Love your new blog!

Shuttle Mom said...

Congratulations on the blog!
No matter how many bathrooms you have, the kids will always 'go' where ever Mommy is. Forget bathroom door locks, they quickly learn how to pick them.

Anonymous said...

Initiation by poop!!!
Welcome to the world of blogging (and odorless therapy!)
Enjoy your new site and don't forget to come visit once in a while.

Mama Drama Jenny said...

Tag! You're it.