Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another Sunday

So Aunt Flo showed her ugly self Saturday morning, and so as you can guess I spent all day in my room with a heating pad, in bed with my new book Vally Of The Dolls. It turns out I am the only person in the world who has not read it, and I LOVE IT!! I just got it via Amazon Friday night and I am already almost half way through it. I love to read anyway, but this book has just sucked me in. It is like crack, I can not stay away. It seems to call to me from the bedside table as I try to do my Sunday chores. If you haven't ever read it, get it! I promise you will not regret it.


Friday hubby and I took the kids bowling with my bff Sheila and her daughter. It was my son's first time to bowl and daughter had been a few times with daycare, but never with us. We had to wait until like almost 10 due to league night or whatever, but it was so worth it. The kids were so cute! Yes curse me now because I forgot to bring my camera. We got two lanes -- 1 for the kiddos and 1 for the adults. After the first couple of throws, we were thinking maybe we should get those damn bumpers too. We were horrible!! 2 beers later and we sucked even worse, but then it didn't matter. My son being a preemie is a little on the small side so he needed some assistance with carrying the ball and the throwing the ball. I got fired after accidentally hitting him in the head with the ball, so dad became his best bud after that. It was just a little brush, geesh. It will not be a routine thing after spending 70 bucks, I am thinking we could find much cheaper entertainment.

Last night we had family night which in our fam it means movie and popcorn, and us all cuddled on the couch. We have Netflix so I try to make sure that for the weekend we have something in the mailbox that is kid friendly. Last night was the new Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest or whatever. We own the first one and it is one of my daughter's favorite movies. Who knew that Walt Disney would put out a movie that was a little too gruesome for a 6 year old. Yes people, after an hour or so of the movie and her hiding her little face, we put her to bed and got up like 4 times with nightmares. Damn that scary octopus thing!! Son had opted to go to bed before the movie even started, I think he is coming down with a cold. He cant sneeze with out blowing crap all over the closest thing to him. Tonight, after the kids go to bed we're watching My Super Ex Girlfriend with Luke Wilson and Uma Therman. Supposed to be a pretty funny movie, anyone seen it?


I've started the countdown in my head for when we move into our new house. And, I haven't even started packing. Anyone with any suggestions for making this a little easier --- I am all ears. I HATE MOVING!! I know hate is a strong word but well okay fine, I extremely dislike moving. So any help I can get would rock. But I am really thrilled, and above is a pic of our new place. Happy Sunday!

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Mama G said...

I've moved than I care to count - and I've always found that it's a great time to go through your things and get rid of what you no longer need!

That, and make sure you clearly mark your boxes so you know what's in them.

I always have one or two boxes for the "must find right away" kind of things - like the coffee pot and wine opener! :-)

Congratulations! And thanks for your great comment on my blog - I appreciate it!