Friday, January 19, 2007


I was outside on a break talking to a co worker and she and I were commenting on the increase of cigarettes. Yes, slap my hand I do smoke. But don't flip your lids yet, I do smoke outside and not around my children. She and I continued chatting (this coworker is also my aunt just an fyi) and she made a joke about how we would soon have to roll our own cigarettes and how it would prolly be cheaper.

This reminded her of something that had happened in my family about 2 years ago. On some one's blog, cant remember who's now, the person was talking about leaving her children in the care for a minute while she ran into the store and came out to cops banging on the car windows. I commented about the time my babysitter left my children unattended while her family fled the city due to the coming hurricane. I mentioned how I had to go through the whole CPS spiel and it really wasn't a big deal to me because I know I am a great mother and that lady just sucked for choosing to leave my children unattended, whether they were asleep or not. I just hank God nothing happened to my babies.

Anyway, when the social worker came to my home he required questioning each child alone. I took my then 2 yr old son into the other room while he talked to my daughter who was 4 at the time. He asked the usual questions I supposed that they do, like has anyone ever touched you, hit you, etc. But one question always stands out in my mind because my daughters response made me crack up.

Him: Does your mommy smoke cigarettes?

Her: Yes

Him: Does your mommy ever roll her own cigarettes?

Her: No

Him: Where does your mommy get her cigarettes??

Her: Well at the gas station of course, like everyone else.

Hee, hee. I love my daughter. To think that man thought I was creative enough to make my own.... "cigarette". I cant even draw bubble letters.

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Lotta said...

Ok, I was the loser that dashed into the store and came back to the coppers surrounding my car. Ugh. I still hate myself for that. Thank god they never questioned my kids, I fear what they would have come up with! Ha!