Sunday, January 14, 2007

A-Z What the??

Okay so in all of the new blogger excitement, I asked one of my favorite bloggers Jenny (mama drama blogess) to tag me to do a what looked like fun meme. Serves me right for not reading the directions first. Grrrr. This is what I am supposed to do, I have to think of something related to my blog for each letter of the alphabet. The problem there is I JUST STARTED MY BLOG.

So, after thinking about it for a bit I have decided to just use things that I THINK will end up in my blog, sooner or later.

So here goes:

A: All of the times I am sure that I will hear "AAAAAGGGGHHHH" coming from the kitchen after I burn yet another thing up.
B: Beer, for sure because in case you didn't know, I L.O.V.E. beer.
C: My cats, because we have 2 of them - Binx and Tinkerbell who extremely dislike eachother.
D: Our dog, Paris because who else has a dog that assists them in waking up the kids by simultaneously biting them and rubbing her umm we'll just call it her po on their heads.
E: Elephants because I have to write about the time a coworker told me this super lame ass yet funny joke that took me like 10 minutes to get it. (And that was after he had explained it to me)
F: Funky butts - a huge topic in our house daily.
G: Dare I say it but yes I will, gas, because frankly I plan on asking your help on some "issues" with our family. A good hint is to see the letter F topic.
H: Hair because I hate mine and am sure I will complain about it.
I: Well hell yeah I am going to talk about myself. Duh! ;)
J: I'm not going to just lay it all out there for what I would discuss that starts with that letter, but it does involve hubby.
K: My kuntry family
L: Love of books -- I adore books. I will buy books and may never read it, but I bought it. I think it may be an obsession of mine.
M: Makeup, because I do not wear any and I am amazed when I see my mother put her "face" on. Its like friggin magic.
N: Nicole, cause that's me.
O: Now c'mon you know I am going to talk about the big "o".
P: Paul and other x boyfriends that I am sure will crack ya up. Why wouldn't I tell you about the time that I farted silently but deadly and an x totally called me out on it by sticking his damn head in my lap and sniffing. WTH? Who does that kinda thing??
Q: All of the questions that randomly pop into my head that noone seems to know the answer to. Like, and I even googled this one -- Why do we have butt hair? Any takers??
R: A word I will never be, rich. With 2 kids, pets galore, a hubby, and a book buyin freak -- well, its just not going to happen.
S: Sex because we all know it's gonna happen. Why wouldn't I want to share my bedroom secrets with the rest of the world?
T: Too many damn letters in the alphabet!
U: The fact that I have never owned a umbrella in my life. Does anyone else think this is odd?
V: Whatever you want to call it, in our family it is called a popo -- but it will be discussed, I am sure. As a matter of fact while the topic has come up, can someone please tell me why anyone would want a shape created on theirs? And how do you go about doing that anyway? Do they have like little cookie like cutters that you could purchase for this?
W: On my good days the subject will never come up, but on others *sigh* weight. For example, this past Friday night I went out with hubby and some friends and ran into a guy I used to babysit for way back when. He actually looked at me and said, "Wow, well you sure have grown up" as he made the gesture that people do with their hand referring to a small child that was like 2 the last time you saw them and is now 18. The thing is, we ran into him just a few years ago -- it just so happens that I am not the 109 lbs that I was. Not hardly. *See above with the letter B for one of the reasons why* I wanted say something just as "nice" back but chose to take the high road. Yeah me!!
X: I have never had an xray before until a few months ago when I got pneumonia. Talk about making me feel fat, I think those apron thingies are supposed to be one size fit all?
Y: Why did I ask to do this? Just kidding, it was actually kinda fun even though I couldn't do exactly what it was intended for. Just bare with me people.
Z: The zoo that we have in our home. My hubby says as soon as we get the llama we can start charging an admission fee. What can I say, I love animals! FYI - We have 2 cats, 1 dog, 2 fish, 1 hamster, and a turtle.


Mama Drama Jenny said...

Love it!

And I want to hear the elephant joke.

Girl con Queso said...

Fantastic. Can't wait to hear more details.