Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rodeo Time

Okay so who all is going the rodeo this year? Hubby and I have gotten tickets for two shows. He and I will be going to see Reba McEntire because I love her. She has always been an idol to me. In highschool when I had this silly idea to join FFA, I chose to raise a lamb. Yes people you read correctly, an actual lamb that goes baa, baa. Although in all the time I cared for her I never once heard her make that sound. Anyway, so I named her Reba and was all excited about this new "pet". But honestly the real reason I signed up was because I dreamed of being in the calf scramble at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. A dream that when expressed to my parents was nixed immediatly. For some reason, my aunt was concinved I would just be trampled and possibly killed by the calfs and other 17 year olds. I wasnt the toughest kid and usually cried at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, so this lamb turned out to be way more work then I was wiling to give. It turned out to be a "chore" for me really. I wasnt really all that interested in showing the animal and well honestly, the newness had worn off. the end of the story, my lamb ended up breaking its leg, turning anerexic on me, and had to be shown by someone else in my group who knew what the hell they were doing. Basically after the show someone is supposed to buy the animal for meat or something, winning some kids lots of big bucks. But who the hell wants to buy a 10 lb lamb that you may get half a chop for. My aunt ended up having to basical give it away to what I am guessing to be like a slaughter house or something, its a day I prefer to block out.

So of course rodeo time always remind me of Reba the lamb and I choose to pretend she is living in sheep land living happily. Just another mistake under my belt for being friggin lazy when I was a kid.

My daughter and I will also be having a girls night out. We got tickets to see The Cheetah Girls and Hanna Montana. For anyone who doesnt aleay know, The Cheetah Girls are Disney and they have that girl from Thats So Raven in their group. Hannah Montana is also Disney and the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, you know Mr. Achy Breaky Heart. My mom once took my sister (who was 6 at the time) and I to see him perform at Six Flags one summer. My sister stood on her chair and screamed "take it off" as my mother laughed and I looked around like I didnt know these people.

My daughter is super excited and asks me every day if today is the day, even though the concert is not until March. So who is your favorite performer and are they at the rodeo this year?

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