Monday, October 6, 2014

The Post Where I Admit I Was Being A Brat.

So yea I was just being a crabapple on Friday about going to my Aunt's.  Saturday morning I woke up still bummed about having to drive out there but Bryan suggested I take Claire and when I asked, she said she wanted to go so win.  It actually turned out to Claire, Me, AND Loretta!  My aunt has only seen pics of her since she was born 9 months ago so I was eager for her to meet her.  Plus, my aunt has 3 small dogs and I thought Loretta would have fun playing with them but she was a big party pooper.  She only wanted Claire and I to pick her up every time we put her down and one of the other pups would come and check her out.  She did let my Aunt hold her though. 

They surprised us and took us to lunch at a Mexican restaurant that had just opened by their house.  The food was scrumptious but the no AC in the joint was not.  Then we went back to the house and she already had the two quilts ready to go along with a few pictures.  Then there were the two boxes of China but she also had other stuff for me as well because they sold their furniture, fridge, etc and are putting most of their other things into storage because they are downsizing to a travel trailer.  His job has him traveling a lot and this will allow her to go along too instead of staying behind in their huge ass house alone.

She gave me a brand new kennel for one of our dogs, a whole new set of silverware (never used) that was my Great Grandmother's, 4 pairs of sunglasses which I gave to Claire, enough salon shampoo and conditioner to last me a few months at least, two candles that smell like Heaven, and a bunch of spices and food.  She tried giving me some other stuff as well but I did say no to things I knew we wouldnt use.  She also was giving away a lot of her shoes, expensive shoes but she has tiny baby feet and Claire and I wear 7's in women.  I am glad we went and visited for about 4 hours before heading home.  The drive there and back sucked but oh well.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!

PS.  Bryan was a chaperone Friday to It'z with Claire's choir and not only did he have fun, he said Claire spent the entire time hanging with him.  Love her!  :)

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