Monday, October 6, 2014

Trying to Broaden My Horizons.

Sunday Claire and I talked Bryan into taking us to eat at Golden Coral.  I say talked into because we already made a rule that Thursday would be our only "out to eat" day but I had Waffle House on the brain and when Claire piped up with Golden Coral, I was sold.  Taylor does not go when we visit G.C. because he is convinced it is dirty.  When we did make him go, it was a waste of money because he sat and cried into his food the whole time.  He is one picky eater!!

Anyway, on Sunday they had a lot of new stuff out.  One being a corn dressing.  Not something I wanted to try because I do not like dressing but anyway.  The table next to us was a multi generation black family that had everyone from grandbabies to great grandmas.  When great grandma was up getting her food, someone up there must have mentioned the corn dressing because when she came back to the table she announced to their peeps at least 3 times that there was none out there right now but should be in 5 minutes and she was told it was delicious.

To the right of us was a grandmother, mom, and her two girls.  Her youngest proceeded to make friends with another little girl on the other side of the window.  The continued to try and talk to eachother through the pane with lots of "I Can't Hear You" being hollered.  Eventually met up at one of the tables and became BFF's.  Bryan kept singing "Let me tell you 'bout my best friend" and adding in that they met at Golden Coral.

Another new food was something called Kettle Cooked Black Beans.  It didn't look the best but I like black beans and the whole cooked in the kettle had me intrigued.  Back at the table I decided to try it first and popped a forkful in.  It was disgusting!  It took all of my might not to spit it out. 

Bryan:  What's wrong?

Me:  It tasted awful!

Bryan:  I can't believe you even got it.

Claire:  It looks like poop.

Bryan:  It looks like dog food.


I also tried what looked like a pickled artichoke.  Nasty.

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