Friday, October 3, 2014

No Thanks.

Do you have a mother or father or relative that is always trying to either give you their shit they don't want anymore or to pass "heirlooms" down to you that you don't want either?  I used to accept it all for fear of hurting my aunt's feelings.  The "heirlooms" I happily accepted because I liked to live in the past back then.  Constantly reminiscing about the past, good and bad and the idea of having that ceramic cat my Grandmother made or Christmas ornament that used to belong to my Mom as a child was right up my alley.  But since I started taking Celexa a year ago, not so much.

You might be thinking, maybe Celexa is not a good thing for you Nicole but it is people.  It is.  To not live in the past anymore is Heaven.  To be able to tell someone no without stressing out about it, Double Heaven.  Celexa has allowed me to become the adult I have wanted to be.  The adult with a backbone.  The adult not crying over her past.  Boo.  That is done and done.

So when my Aunt called me this week wanting me to drive all the way over to her house this weekend because she is moving to get some "heirlooms" which is a quilt my Great Grandmother made, a China set that was either my g.g's or Grandmother's, and pictures - You can imagine my excitement.  But when I expressed to her that I didn't need another blanket, and what was I going to do with China she started using the Daughter card.  She only has a son and she raised me from the age of 12 so she is indeed like a Mother to me but still.  Then she went on to say how I can pass them on to Claire.  Sigh.  I finally agreed because I could tell how much it meant to her.

So am I just being a bitch?  I really didn't want these things.  Now I have to figure out where I am going to store them.  Grrrrrr.

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