Friday, August 22, 2014

Taylor Update

I found out this week that Taylor is going to have to have surgery.  I knew it was unavoidable but I thought it was something years down the road.  Taylor was diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy years ago and we started treatment consisting of physical therapy, Botox injections, casting, and braces.  He ended up graduating from physical therapy when he met all of their goals but has continued to do the rest.  We noticed last time we did the injections and casting we got results but not near as good as we usually do.

We had a follow up appointment with Dr. Woodbury at Texas Children's on Tuesday.  We have been seeing her since Taylor was diagnosed.  She mentioned how tight Taylor was and I told her how he had several growth spurts this summer, so much so that his socks no longer fit him.  Although it is a great thing he is growing, it isn't a good thing for his legs because they are at the point right now where he can't even stand up straight.

Taylor had already expressed to me how he didn't want to do casting or have to wear braces because he is going into the 7th grade and doesn't want to be different.  He also expressed this to Dr. Woodbury and I saw his little face dropped when she said we COULD do another round of botox and casting BUT she didn't think he would get the full benefit from it.  That is when she brought up the surgery and he perked right up.

The surgery consists of 4 little incisions to the back of his calves where the doctor will go in and stretch his tendons.  Taylor will be under when this happens because they said it was super painful.  It will be done as an outpatient surgery so I am happy we will get to take him home.  Something about seeing my babies in the hospital always gets me going.  She said recovery takes about 3 days and then he will have to wear casts for a little bit to get the maximum stretch but at least he can tell kids he had surgery and that it why he is wearing them.

After we finished up and they left the room, Taylor turned to me and said with a big smile, "I get to be a normal boy!"  My heart hurt just hearing that.

*We meet with the orthopedic specialist on Sept. 3rd to get the ball rolling.*

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