Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And that's that!

Bryan told me the other day that Claire and her friend Tyler were "fighting".  When I asked why, he attempted to explain but then said I should probably speak to Claire because he would just confuse me.  Below is our conversation.

Me:  So Dad said you and Tyler were fighting.  What happened?  I thought you guys were cool.

Claire:  We were but then people told her I called her a ho so now she wants to fight me.

Me:  Well did you?

Claire:  No, I said she was ACTING like a ho cause remember Mom when I told you how when we were at the skating rink she was kissin on all of these guys that were not her boyfriend?

Me:  Yes I do remember that but you don't really call a friend a ho or that they are acting like a ho.

She is quiet for a few seconds and then with a hand on her hip,

Claire:  Well the truth hurts.

I didn't know if I should be proud or chastise her.  I do love her confidence though.

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