Monday, September 8, 2014


Last night we were eating dinner and Claire mentioned how silly her Dad was being when she came home from skating and hanging with friends.  With Bryan working different hours now as a manager, we don't get to hang and have drinks together as much as we used to.  Luckily for me, I don't mind being a party for one.  ;)

Anyway, we did get to have drinks Saturday after he got home from work.  He had fallen asleep on the couch when Miss Claire came home and proceeded to lay down on the other couch to watch some tv.  She said he woke up, went into the hall, used the bathroom, and then started at her from the hall making grunting noises.  She asked him if he was ok, he cursed and then laid back down on the couch.  She thought he fell back asleep but she said he got back up and leaned over her to I guess see if she was still awake.  Then he laid back down.  She thought the whole thing was hilarious but I mentioned that I didn't like that he got mean while being drunk.

Then Taylor pipes in that it's ok becuase Mimi does too.  He was talking about my step-mom.  They had gone hunting this past weekend and I guess on the way up, my step-mom decided to have some beers while my Dad drove and Taylor chilled in the back.  They went through the drive thru where my step-mom got the idea to try and give her empty beer cans to the drive thru worker.  My dad told her they weren't going to take them to which she replied yes they would and to shut up.  Taylor thought it was hysterical.

Family.  =)

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