Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Funk

I'm sick.  Claire was sick so I took her to the doctor and was told she had a viral infection.  It seemed she was on the downhill side of it since her fever had broke.  Fast forward a few days and then Taylor and I come down with it.  She is all better now but we are still suffering.  The coughing.  The sneezing.  The sore throat.  I am so over it.  Last night I tried putting Vick's on my upper lip and nostrils like my Dad suggested.  I walked into the kitchen to throw something together for dinner when Claire enters and does a double take.

Claire:  Mom, there is not on your upper lip.

Me:  No hon, it's Vicks Vaper Rub.

Claire:  Oh.

Hey at least she was looking out for me.  Quick question, is there such a thing as eating too many cough drops?

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