Thursday, July 3, 2014

That Was a Close One.......

Claire has been doing very well with caring for the dogs this summer.  I know it can get a little overwhelming with letting them in and out, making sure they have food and water, keeping them from acting up, all day long.  Claire has not made one peep about it driving her crazy nor have I heard the dreaded sigh her Dad and I love so much.  Not.

So yesterday I thought I would play a little prank on her when I returned from taking Paris to the vet.

Me:  Claire, you have been doing such a good job with the dogs, I got you a surprise.

Claire:  Ok?

Me:  I am getting you a new puppy!!  (I was thinking with all of the work she has been having to do with the dogs, she would be all oh no not another dog Mom.)

Claire:  *Face lighting up*  Really?!?!?!

Me:  Nnnooooooo.  I thought you were going to respond differently.  Like, not another dog Mom.  I was thinking more along the lines of paying you.

Claire:  That works too.

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