Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Brady Bunch We Are Not.

I know I have mentioned before how I wish I had a normal Mother.  But I'd also like to say, I wish I had a normal family.  Maybe normal isn't the right word to use because my definition of normal may not be your definition of normal.  Maybe what I should say is that I wish everyone could just get along.

It has been going on for years but it was usually just my Mom.  I remember one birthday of Taylor's we had his party at Chuck E Cheese's, and she was pissed that I had invited my Dad and Stepmom even though both were huge parts of his life.  I had to tell her the party was for Taylor, not her so I didn't care if she was upset.

Now it is between my Aunt and my Stepmom.  My Aunt has never much cared for her but was the bigger person and put it aside for birthdays and family gatherings.  But now, my Stepmom has decided she doesn't like my Aunt so even though they are having a HUGE 4th of July party which includes my sister who is in the Army, we are not to invite my Aunt.  #oldpeopleissues

I wish they could be like Bryan's family who put all of their differences aside and even go on cruises together!  I am talking his Dad and his new wife and his Mom and her new husband.  His Dad's new wife was actually the Mistress back in the day and still, Bryan's mom vacations with her!!  Why?  Because of the kids.  I have to put Bryan's Mom on a pedestal for that alone.

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