Thursday, May 29, 2014

White Flag Flying

It was World War III at the kitchen table this morning and I am so glad I missed it.  Bryan gets the kids up and fed while I am still in the shower unless he has to be at work at 5 or 6 am, then it is all me.

When I came into the livingroom/kitchen area, I could tell Taylor was in a seriously pissy mood.  Jokingly, I asked him if he got up on the wrong side of the bed (inside joke since his bed is against the wall) and he responded grumpily no, and that it was Dad's fault.  Turns out, Claire and Taylor were at the table and Taylor was bitching about something so Claire threw a piece of food at him.  Instead of telling Bryan what happened, he screamed at Claire.  Bryan took Taylor's food away and told him that basically he was being punished for acting out like that.  I do not agree with that but again, I wasn't in there and I know Bryan and I are not always going to be on the same page with discipline.

When Taylor mentioned Claire threw food Bryan asked him why he didn't tell him that and basically his repsonse was it didn't matter because nothing would happen to Claire because Bryan played favorites.  That made me sad.  Claire came out into the livingroom about that time and Bryan asked her if she threw food and she said she did only because Taylor was being rude and then she started to raise her voice and I was all do not yell at us.  To me it sounds like both of them were acting shitty but I know how Taylor can be with his everything sucks attitude.  Claire said Taylor was saying he hated Loretta and why Claire had to make such a stink about it is beyond me.  I know Taylor is a Momma's boy and Claire is a Daddy's boy but I don't want either of my kids to ever feel they are not loved the same.

Bryan and I have discussed this before and how Taylor loves to push Bryan's buttons.  Taylor does get into more trouble than Claire because of the poor choices he makes.  Lying, not doing his homework, etc.  We have told him before that for him to get things like a cell phone, he has to be more responsible.  Not losing his backpack, picking up after himself, (perfect example is he made his cereal yesterday morning and he spilled some on the floor and the counter and then just left in there).  I love my Taylor Bug and can only hope as he gets older, he will get better at these things.

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