Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tattoos Part 2

My third tattoo is what is lovingly referred to by a lot of people as a tramp stamp.  Eh.  Call it what you will but I was never a tramp and it is still one of my favorite tattoos.  That one hurt like hell as well and took longer because it is across my entire lower back, above my butt.  Mine looks sorta like the one below.  I was dating Chase at the time I decided to get this.  I thought they looked hot and at the time I had the body to show it off.  Although I am a lot heavier now, I still take good care of it and the colors are still nice and bright.  When I got it, he was with me and actually my aunt and her boyfriend at the time too.  Family affair!  Hahaha  Really we had been out and I decided I wanted to do it and they decided to tag along.

My fourth tattoo I do regret getting.  Not that tattoo so much as the meaning.  We have all heard not to have someone's name put on your body right?  Well, I kinda sorta didn't listen.  Chase worked on a boat in Alaska so I was lonely and thought I would profess my undying love by getting a tattoo in his honor.  Luckily, I was smart enough just to get N *heart* C which I then told everyone actually stood for Nicole loves Claire.  Taylor asked why there wasn't a T there so I fibbed and said he wasn't born yet.
More tomorrow.....


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