Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tattoos Part 1

Do you have any tattoos?  I do.  I actually have 7.  I got my first one when I turned 18.  Most of my childhood sucked and when I lived with my aunt from 12 years of age until I graduated from highschool, she was very very strict.  I am talking grounding for low grades on progress reports, grounding if my dirty clothes came over a certain line in the dirty clothes hamper, bed time 9 pm all through highschool kind of strict.  But, I also lived a very sheltered life and for that, I am super grateful.  When I left for college, the taste of freedom was sweet as candy and I didn't even like to visit because heaven forbid I fall back under her rules. 

I didn't go to college alone.  I actually graduated, moved out and in with my boyfriend's (highschool sweetheart) family because they were so much more layed back.  Once we saved up enough money, we moved out to College Station, TX into our very first apartment.  I worked at Kroger and he worked at Target.  I was taking the basic freshman classes needed to become a teacher and in my speech class, I met Tammy and her boyfriend.  I can't remember his name to save my life but her and I immediately clicked.  We started hanging out a lot, especially when her sweetie was working.  She introduced me to the movie Son in Law with Pauly Shore and the music/comedy of Adam Sandler.  I found myself bonding with the main female character on the Son in Law movie.  She was leaving home sweet home to go to college, she was sheltered, and now a whole new world was opening up to her.  In one of the scenes, she goes and gets a butterfly tattoo on her left inner ankle.  I knew right then and there, I wanted a tattoo too.  Tammy went with me and although I like butterfiles, dolphins were my thing.  I chose a tattoo that had a small red heart with 3 dolphins swimming around it in a heart pattern.  It is just a little bit bigger than a quarter but it hurt like hell.  At one point, the dude stopped and they got me some water worried I was going to faint.  Everytime I look at the tattoo I smile because it is a sign of my adulthood.

My second tattoo was actually courtesy of my hubby.  We weren't husband and wife then though.  We were dating and bff Vashti and I were out and about and I decided I wanted to get a tattoo for my birthday.  Bryan was at work (server at a restaurant - the one we met at) so I stopped by and asked him for some money.  We went to a well known place there in Atlanta and I ended up choosing the prettiest butterfly ever and it is on the top of my right butt cheek.  I had to practically pull down my pants to get the tat and the tattooist was SUPER cute.  He thought I was super cute too and asked me out.  I told him I already had a boyfriend but he was more than welcome to come and hang out and play some pool with me and Vashti later at our house.  He did but he wanted to be more than just a friend so that was the last time I saw him.  Anyway, after I got it done I went back to Bryan's work to show him and he gave me a big grin because he thought it was hot and liked it too.

More tomorrow.................

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