Friday, May 9, 2014

Tattoo Part 3

My next tattoo was done on a sort of whim and the really funny thing is, I hardly ever see it and forget it is there.  When people comment on it, it always takes me a few minutes to figure out what they are talking about.  It is a chain of daisies, my favorite flower, on the back of my neck.

I was actually watching that tattoo show LA Ink with Kat Von D with my friend Sheila and the urge just hit me.  So we hopped in the car and drove up to a tattoo shop.  I knew I wanted it on my neck but wasn't postive on what I wanted.  I was actually thinking about a bar code (Wierd I know) but then saw some pretty daisies and decided on that instead.  And yes, getting tattooed on your neck hurts like a bitch.

When I turned 30, I decided I wanted to get one last tattoo commemorating the stage of me getting older and ssssssllllooowwwwiiiiinnnnnggggg down.  So of course, I chose a turtle.  He is on my right upper shoulder area on my back.  He is more of a cute cartoonist turtle than a turtle you might see at your local pond.  I told myself I was done with tattoos but then my husband's father passed away.

When Bryan and I first started dating, we both had beepers/pagers (remember those days?).  He would text me 143 which he told me stood for I love you.  He said it was actually something his Dad used to do to him and his siblings.  Over the years, 143 has become something very special to Bryan and I.  He always puts it at the bottom of cards and we text it to each other quite often via phone.  It has never lost its importance.

About a year after Bryan's dad died, Bryan and I decided to get "matching" tattoos with the 143 & 143-2.  For his he chose to have 143 and under it, his dad's initials.  Mine is 1432 with a pretty little teeny tiny butterfly flittering on the 1.  It is on our wrist.  I think it is my favorite because when I look at it, I am reminded that there is someone out there that loves me because I am me.

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