Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Roundup

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!!  Mine was nice - I really can't complain.  Since Bryan's hours are a little all over the place these days, we had to improvise.  He took me to eat Saturday afternoon around 3 pm after he got off.  It was actually just us two because Claire was at Splashtown with choir and Taylor hates Golden Corral.  I know, not too fancy but it was what I wanted.  Plus, Sunday morning he took me to Waffle House and I ate so much breakfast yumminess I didn't get hungry again until dinner time.

Bryan had to work Sunday evening until 9 pm so we were on our own.  I was dealing with terrible cramps from being a woman *ahem* so I didn't really feel like cooking but Claire begged and pleaded for me to make Shake N Bake pork chop and green beans.  I had also picked up a potato about a week ago and wanted to cook it up before it went bad so to Google I went.  A year or so ago Bryan showed me how to make it in the microwave but I wanted to do the real deal.  I found a simple recipe that told me to scrub the potato really good, rub it with olive oil, and then sprinkle salt over it.  I did just that and then placed it into the oven at 300 degrees for 90 minutes.  When I pulled it out, I immediately sliced into it and heard the nice crackle of the skin.  I added butter, cheese, and Heinz 57 sauce.  I will tell you all about the Heinz in a minute.  I let it cool for a little while and then I dug in.  First time I have ever really eaten almost all of the skin too.  The chops turned out yummy as well.  I actually thought to add bread crumbs to the Shake N Bake mix so it was extra crispy.  I am thinking about trying Panko next time.  My green beans are usually Claire's favorite because it is a recipe my Aunt taught me but Bryan had bought the canned green beans with no salt so they were lacking this time around.  And of course I made a box of Velveeta because Taylor could live off of that alone.

Saturday I dropped Claire and her friend Layton off at the school because choir was going to Splashtown for the day.  I reminded Claire to make sure and put sunblock and although she claims she did, she came looking like a lobster.  I got on to her because moles run in my family and I do not want her to get skin cancer.

Speaking of, I had a mole removed on my back in October of last year.  This mole had been with me since I was a teenager and had always been about the size of a pencil eraser but as the years progressed, it was getting darker and darker and crusty looking to me.  I went to the dermatologist and she said it needed to be removed so they could test it.  They shaved it off quicker than I could blink so I was petrified for nothing and the test came back cancer free.  The crazy thing is that bitch is back!  It isn't dark but it is definitely back!!  Can moles grow back??  From what I have read on the internet, it seems they can if it was just shaved.  Bummer.  I guess I need to reach out to my dermatologist.

Ya'll have a fantastic week!!

*So when I was pregnant with Taylor at the very beginning of my pregnancy I worked as a waitress at Red Lobster.  Every day I would eat a baked potato with butter, cheese, and I would add Heinz 57 sauce.  I had never even eaten the sauce before (not a big meat eater, especially not steak) but it called out to me wanting to be on my potato.  My coworkers used to refer to Taylor in my belly as Spud because it was all I ever ate when at work.

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