Thursday, May 1, 2014


Just a quick review on things that have been going on for me because I want to have them kept safe somewhere so years from now, I can look back and say oh yeah - I remember that.

Claire got lice.  Again.  Bryan flipped his shit and there were more tears from Claire.  This time instead of going for the all natural products, we went right for the Rid stuff so we could make sure that they all die, even if Claire's scalp caught on fire.  Bryan said they were literally falling off her head so yay Rid, boo natural this time around.  We went on and on and on about not sharing hair stuff at school.  No selfies with others, no hugging, and told her how they have to crawl onto her hair for her to get them.  I cringed when she took a handful of pony tail holders to school today for her gym locker.  I wish there was a certain age where they couldn't get lice anymore.

The driving lessons seemed to have really paid off because everytime we get into the car, Claire asks if she can drive.  Big difference from when she was terrified at the thought.  Yay us!

Taylor failed 2 classes, math and world culture on his last report card.  It all comes down to Taylor choosing not to do homework or doing it and not turning it in.  We are working with his special ed teacher at the school and have come up with an idea to hopefully help.  He is not very organized and it seems even when he does his class work or homework, he forgets to turn it in and just stuffs it into his binder.  She suggested he use one folder and put everything in there and then turn it into her and she will make sure they get to the appropriate teacher.  She also provided colored folders for his binder so he could file his paperwork per class/period and not just smush it in there.  We are hoping with this extra help, when he starts the 7th grade, he will be a little more adjusted and he can be responsible.  I don't know though, this is the same boy who continues to put his violin in the same spot every day when I ask him to put it in his room.  Time will tell I guess.

The animals are driving me crazy.  I know I can't complain because I am the one who brought the majority of them into our home, but potty training is the worst.  And now, Because of Loretta having her accidents, Jackson (the pug) started thinking it was ok to pee where she did.  Hell no.  I beat the crap out of him and then made him go sit in his kennel for awhile.  He hasn't done it again since so lets keep our fingers crossed.  Clover (Bengal) has taken a dump twice in the hall.  Why?  I haven't a freaking clue.  He has a nice and clean litter box to use so why my carpet?  Bryan said he put his nose in it and spanked him good so hopefully, that will be the end of that as well.

Bryan still hasn't heard about the new position but they continue to talk about it like it is going to happen so I guess that's a good sign.  We sure could use the money.

I am thinking about making my chili this weekend.  Although it isn't cold, I have been craving it and like that I can live off of it for a week almost.  I actually won a contest for it and always get rave reviews so let me know if you want the recipe.

Goodbye for now my friends!

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