Monday, May 19, 2014

Do You Ouija?

When I was 11-12 and moved in with my Aunt, she had cleared out the back spare bedroom for me to have.  I remember while hanging my clothes up in the closet, I saw board games store up in the top.  I couldn't see them all but did notice they all looked old.  I forgot about them and then noticed them again a few months later.  I asked my Aunt if I could get them down and she agreed.

One of the games was a Ouija Board.  I was ecstatic.  This was the same girl who used to say Freddy Kreuger was her hero, had seen all of his movies, and never missed a Saturday night of Tales from the Crypt.  I LOVED horror movies, scary books, and all things spooky.

I had befriended the girl across the street.  She was a few years younger than me but we got along well enough.  That summer she came over every day and we played with the Ouija board.  I have nothing but fond memories of it although I don't recall what happened to it.

I have been wanting to get one and both Claire and Taylor have wanted to check it out.  Bryan has always said no.  He said he had a bad experience with it and has heard that it was a gateway.  Even though you are asking to speak with good spirits, he claims bad ones can still enter and I guess wreak havoc within our home.  I think he has been watching too much Ghost Hunter shows.

Anyway, I found some really good deals and bought one off of Ebay on Friday.  Bryan wasn't thrilled but I promised we wouldn't play with it when he was home.  I told him I got it used and he was all great, it is coming with spirts already on the damn thing.  He cracks me up.  The kids are super excited and so am I!

How do you feel about it?

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