Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Post Where I Turn Into a 2 Year Old.

I am not a big snacker.  I don't care for sweets at all but I will eat the occasional chip and I love me some pickles.  I would eat a pickle every day if they weren't so chock full of salt.  Oh, and the more sour the better for this girl.  Anyway, one of my favorite chips to have is pork rinds.  I know I know, nasty and they have a terrible smell but I love the spicy flavored one.

When we go grocery shopping, everyone gets their own snacks.  Some the kids share, they also get some individual, (Taylor loves oreos and Claire adores Goldfish) and then Bryan and I have our different ones.  Unless you ask, you are not supposed to be eating someone elses snacks.

When I get a bag of the spicy pork rinds, I never eat it all in one sitting because after 4 or 5, my mouth is just too hot.  It just isn't one of those snacks you can gorge on in my opinion.  So like I said, I eat a few and then put it up.  I always look into the bag and pick and choose which one I want to eat next.  This bag happened to have one that was as long as a ruler.  This was a first for me.  In all of the years that I have eaten pork rinds, I have never ever had one that big.  I dubbed it the Magic Pork Rind and decided I would save it for last.

Flash forward a few days and I grab my bag and settle down on the couch to munch.  Imagine my surprise when I look into the bag and find Magic Pork Rind missing!  I stomp into the kitchen and start hollerin that I want to know who ate my chips!! 

Bryan:  I had a few.

Me:  You ate the special one I was saving!  It was the biggest pork rind I had ever seen!!

Bryan:  It was pretty big.  I am sorry, I didn't know you were saving it.  I will buy you another bag.

Me:  I don't want another bag.  I doubt I will ever find another one that big!  And why are you eating my chips anyway?!?

He went on to say he didn't know why I was making a big deal about it and said he was sorry and would buy me more.  I told him I wanted a divorce.  Just kidding.  But it did take me a while to not want to throw something at him.

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