Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No P in My Ool, So Let's Keep It That Way.....

Today is better, still a little achey from the battle with ovulation but not as rough as yesterday.

I wanted to share a funny story about Claire from when she was younger.  Remember how I said we used to live in an apartment?  Well we spent a lot of time at the pool.  Taylor chose to stay in the "kiddie pool" which was actually the hot tub but Claire enjoyed playing on the stairs in the pool.  There was no bathrooms there so if she had to go to the restroom, she would come and tell me and we would have to trek back to our apartment or go to Sheila's (she lived closer to the pool) if she was with us.

It was just me and the kids when Claire came over to me and said she had to peepee.  I didn't feel like getting Taylor out and get everyone to our apartment so they could get everything wet so I told her to just pee in the pool.  That no one would know.  Ick, yes I know but we all know kids do it all of the time.  It is one of the reasons why the chlorine is so high in public pools.

Claire went over to the top step and proceeded to move her bathingsuit to the side so of course she wouldn't pee on it.  Made perfect sense to her.  I yelled her name and ran over to her before she started and told her never mind, let's just go home.  Kids are too funny.

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