Friday, November 2, 2007

A Perfect Example Of Why GA Needs Her Back

My Mom called me last night just as I was getting ready for bed. I had a feeling she would be calling because my Aunt had left to go out of town and she had made the comment to me that my Mom had called her to see if she could watch Momo for a few hours so my mother could go shopping.

When I answered the phone, the woman did not even say hello, she just jumps right into her loaded questions.

Mom: I know Jamie (my aunt) told you that I asked her to watch Mamo for me so I could go shopping this weekend.

Me: Uhhh yeah she said something about it and that she told you she was going out of town.

Mom: Where was she going?

Me: To New Orleans.

Mom: I see. So she went gambling.

Me: Yeah, we had planned on all of us going (I left out for my bday because that would have allowed her to go off on something else) but we decided not to and plus it worked out with Taylor being sick.

Mom: Who was going to keep the kids, me?

Me: (Actually my dad and stepmom were going to keep them but there was no chance in hell I was telling her that) Well, we actually hadn't even thought that far ahead yet and since we're not going now anyway I guess it doesn't really matter.

Mom: Well you know I wanted to keep the babies this weekend.

Me: Yes I know but Taylor is really sick Mom.

Mom: Oohhhh nooo, see I told you when ya'll came to visit last weekend that he was getting sick.

Me: Well we took him to the doctor on Monday and they said he had an ear infection and gave him some meds but he has had a fever all week long except when you give him Motrin or Tylenol.

Mom: You know having a fever that long can give him brain damage don't you?

Me: Mom, it has to get really high for brain damage to occur. He's fine, we have taken him to the doctor like 4 times now and he goes back tomorrow. He got a shot of antibiotics in his leg yesterday and then another today and that seems to be helping.

Mom: Why in the hell did they put it in his legs??

Me: They wanted immediate results, instead of just waiting for the oral to kick in because he was really sick.

Mom: What did they give him in his legs?

Me: I really cant tell you right now Mom, I am exhausted and I cant remember off the top of my head.

Mom: So you're just letting them use him as a Guinea pig??

Me: No Mom, I even called Aunt Jamie and talked to some other before the shots to make sure everything sounded alright with them too.

Mom: You know you're going to just feel horrible if he dies.

Me: He is not dying Mother.

Mom: I think you should get a second opinion. I will come down there myself tomorrow and take him to another doctor ~ I will make sure that baby is taken care of!

Me: Mom, I am doing everything I can possibly do. As for keeping Mamo, I don't know about that Mom we'll just have wait and see.

Mom: I suppose I am being selfish but I just want to go shopping for a new outfit, because when I go back to GA next week it is going to be cold and I dint want to freeze my ass off and get sick.

Me: Well lets see what happens with Taylor tomorrow ok?

Mom: Do you need me to come and get him??

Me: No Bryan and I have it under control.

Mom: I would just hate to lose that little monkey, I haven't got to spend much time with him yet.

Me: I have to go to bed now Mom, I am tired and getting sick myself.

Mom: Well you let me know if you need anything.

Me: I will - bye Mom.

She called back a few times but I didn't answer because I was tired of listening her telling me I am not doing everything I should be doing for Taylor. And of course I broke down crying after the calls and called my aunt who assured me that I was doing everything I possibly could for Taylor and she suggested I stay way away from my Mother this weekend, what with her out of town and who knows what my Mom might do if she got her hands on Taylor. I tell you, Hempstead is not far enough ~ I need this woman back in GA before I go insane. The really sad thing is Bryan had to work late so after I out the kids to bed and I was lying in bed, every noise I heard I just knew was her coming to try and take Taylor. Sad isnt it?


Hol&J said...

No, it's not sad. You are concerned about her doing something impulsive.

Nicole, you're doing everything you can to take care of your children, but your mom is making you feel like you're unworthy of being a parent, which is untrue. It's also unfair of her to make you feel that way.

You are a wonderful mother.

Your mom isn't satisfied with anything you are doing, so she insists on doing it herself. Maybe she feels that you will make the same mistakes that she did.

That's just part of life. We all make mistakes, and we must be allowed to live life and learn from the good and the bad. Sometimes our parents will say, "be careful"... and that's okay. They can offer advice, but they can't live our lives for us.

Have you told her that? She needs to know that: Yes, you will mess up. Yes, your kids will get sick. Your methods are just as good, as hers.

xo - Hol

For the Love... said...

Well how about that....

I had to double check to make sure you were talking about your Mom and not my MIL. She was just chock full of crazy..when she visited when Miss-D was a baby I could not sleep..I was afraid she would take her. Our children have NEVER been to visit her alone. Hell, we will be going to her house for the first time in 12 years this month.

It really is strange how, even though we know they are crazy and we should just blow off their comments...we sometimes can't.

Hope the kiddo is feeling better are doing just fine don't let the crazy get to you!

Ann(ie) said...

Oh honey. You are a wonderful mother and you are doing a beautiful job. I have yet to meet a perfect mother, but the last thing you need is your own mother's critisism. Take it one day at a time, keep doing your best and right now just keep your distance from her if that helps.