Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday!!  Before the day got away with me, just wanted to check in and see how everyone else's weekend was?  And does it irk you when you ask someone how theirs was and they respond with the whole not long enough?  It does me.  Come on people, the weekend has been 2 days since Jesus was around.  That shit doesn't change unless it is a holiday or you take a vacation.  Stop it already.

This weekend we started teaching Claire to drive.  Why so early you may ask?  Yes, she is about to be just 14 but I want her to be familiar with driving way before it is time for her to take drivers ed.  Plus I remember doing it with family members and it is still a fun memory of mine.

I took her Saturday afternoon in my car to the empty parking lot at the high school.  She was super nervous when she sat down behind the wheel and while I was going over the different letters for the gear shift.  Once she actually started moving though and drove a little bit, she relaxed.  Afterwards, she told me she had been nervous about driving and because she had so many shows on tv where the parent is screaming at their kid.

Sunday we let her drive Bryan's truck through the neighborhood.  That was the first time she actually drove where there was stop signs and actual other moving and parked cars but she did great.  She got  a little too close for comfort a few times with some cars parked on the street but I was able to move the steering wheel and help.  Oh, and she did run up on the curb one time but I still have to say, I am so proud of my little girl!!

I will be back tomorrow my loves!

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