Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Frustrated.  We have spent about 60 bucks in lice shampoos and such only to have both kids still have them.  Claire has had lice at least 10 times in her younger days and we never had this issue.  We are following the directions, using Lyesol, washing everything in hot water but last night we found babies on both of their heads.  It seems the product isn't killing the eggs.

We found a place that does it professionally so we are just going to shell out the dough and be done with this shit.  They also offer a guarantee so yee-haw.  Bryan is off today so he is handling the task.  I didn't even know these kind of places existed.  I wish I was going so I could tell you guys all about it.  Have any of you guys ever been to one?  My fingers are crossed because I am over it.com.

*Scratching my head because I do every time I think about it.*  :(

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