Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Didn't You Just Love The Ending?

Have you ever been to a musical?  I had never and when Wicked came to town a few years ago, I bought two tickets for Claire and I to see.  I had read the books when Taylor was a baby and I heard nothing but amazing things about the actual show.

We made a date of it and went to eat at Spaghetti Warehouse first which is my favorite italian restaurant to eat downtown.  We made our way over to The Hobby Center and of course hit up the stand for Wicked memorabilia.  Claire picked out a t-shirt and I bought a pretty snow-globe/music box.  I bought Claire some candy to snack on and we went and sat down.

The show started and I was in love.  Claire munched on her candy and was interested but she started getting antsy after a little bit.  I bet if I took her now, she would also love it.  Anyway, so the first act is an hour and 1/2 long and then it goes to intermission but for someone who has never been to a musical or play, I had no idea there WAS an intermission.  So the bell-noise comes on and Claire and I leave!!  We left!!!!   I thought it was over!!!!!!!

To this day Bryan gives me a hard time any time we see a commercial for Wicked or someone mentions a musical or play.  I can't believe I missed the whole ending.  Don't tell anyone though, our little secret.  ;)

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