Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter/Weekend Update

I felt so bad deserting you guys like I did.  I know I mentioned last week I had came down with the sinus/allergy crud and boy did I but thanks to Zinc, nose spray, humidifer at night time, and aantihistamine I am almost good as new!!  I wanted to post last Thursday and Friday but our internet was seriously wacked and was only letting me access certain sites.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  This was our first one not to really do much.  The kids decided last year they don't believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa, or the Tooth Fairy so reminded them that meant a lot of the fun (magic) stops too.  We still get them Valentines gifts and of course, plenty of Christmas gifts but I don't see the point of buying baskets and all of that jazz.  Besides, they get pretty much everything they ask for so it isn't like they are deprived.

Our family has gotten smaller and smaller as people pass away.  I remember as a kid going out to my great grandparents house in Hempstead where everyone got together.   Popo grilled bbq chicken (his suce was famous) and Momo cooked so many sides and desserts and homemade rolls that most of the adults napped after the meal.  There seemed to be so many of us.  Now all that is left on my Mother's side is my Mom (which of course I don't speak to anymore), my aunt and her husband and son, my brother (lives in NM), my sister (stationed in VA right now), and then my little family (Bryan, Claire, and Taylor).  Holidays aren't what they used to be.  My aunt is still very much into everyone (that is left) getting together but she lives an hour away now and this year she didn't know if they were going to be in town or not so I told her we would do our own thing.

I could tell she was a little dissapointed but I have to say that this year was one of the first time I got to enjoy just chilling with Bryan and the kids.  Bryan made some of the best damn deviled eggs ever and we went to our favorite chinese restaurant for lunch.  For dinner, Bryan made chicken wings and onion rings and afterwards, I finished up laundry while we watched Hop.  The kids were a little dissapointed that was all we did (never enough I tell you) and I reminded them how normally they bitch about going over to so and so's house for the holiday because they get bored and then want to go home as soon as we get there.  And as for not getting any candy, I reminded them of all of the junk they had got Friday and Saturday from the gas station and they really needed to give it a rest.  They have been irritating Bryan and I quite a bit with their smart mouths and whoah is me it is never enough attitudes.  More on that later my friends.

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