Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Grass is Always Greener.

So I ended yesterday's post with a comment about how the kids have really been getting to us lately.  I am not saying we have bad kids because we don't.  If anything, we spoil them because we like being able to buy them things and take them places.  When they were younger, I struggled as a single mom and even now there are times when we are living paycheck to paycheck so when we have it, we are more than willing to spend it. 

Some examples would be just two weekends ago I took Claire with me to Old Navy to do some Spring shopping for her and her brother.  Taylor I knew needed some new jeans and he has gotten into wearing gym-like shorts and Claire I knew would find things she liked because she loves to shop.  I ended up spending almost 300.00 bucks and the majority of it was on Claire.  Just this past weekend after our Easter lunch, she tries talking us into taking her shopping at Kohls or Palais Royal and I am all Come on!!  I just spent so much money on you for clothes.  Not to mention last month we went to one of her favorite places to shop Rue 21 and I bought her clothes there too.

Taylor will pine for a game and we will buy it for him only for him to play it for a few hours and not like it or get stuck and not want to play it anymore.  Taylor is the worst about going out to eat.  He never likes anywhere we go and complains.  It is a chore to get him to get dressed and go and then he is in a pissy mood the whole time.

Both of my kids have Playstation 3's in their rooms and dvd players and flat screen tv's.  We have a Wii in the livingroom and a trampoline in the backyard.  They both have bikes and Claire has a cell phone.  They each have their own laptop although Tayor got his taken away not too long ago because he wasn't taking care of it.

I feel like all I am doing is complaining about my kids and am putting myself in the same boat as them but we have been putting up with it for so long and it seems the older they get, the worse they get.  I love picking them up goodies from the grocery store or the corner store and don't want to stop but I want them to be appreciative.

Bryan has threatened the kids with having to hold signs on the street corner by our neighborhood with something like "My parents give me everything but it is never enough".  I told him I was down for it but I think getting them out of the car will be rough.  Maybe the scare will be enough to get them to appreciate the stuff they have.  I hope it doesn't have to go that far but Bryan did mention to Taylor that it was going to happen if he didn't change his attitude.  I have also mentioned taking them down to a soup kitchen but I don't know if I could handle it.  I always want to give any cash I have to the guys on the corner and if they have a dog, I am a puddle.  I guess we will see.

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