Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Damn Near Killed Someone...

We have had a fruit & cheese tray in our fridge for a few days so instead of it going to waste, I decided to take it to work with me this morning.  I looked it over real  quick and everything still looked bright and yummy.

I went into the company kitchen and opened the lid, threw it away, and set it out for everyone to snack on. I went back to my desk for my breakfast and came back into the kitchen to warm it up when something on the tray caught my eye.  It looked like mold, on some of the cheese so I picked up the tray and tossed it.

Just a few minutes later one of the gals I worked with came in and asked where the goodies went.  I told her I threw them away because I saw mold and she started laughing.  She said, "I just ate one of the apples and it was delicious!"  I said "Well now you have had your penicillin for the day."

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