Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taylor & Feathers

More on what I posted yesterday because I forgot to mention how Taylor complains a lot about food.  I know I mentioned when we go out to eat but he does it at home too.  He is a super picky eater and whenever we do find something he likes, he eats the hell out of it and then doesn't want it anymore.  Bryan calls him Mister Complainer and as much as it drives us crazy, we try to remain calm and not get upset when we make something he liked 2 days ago and now doesn't want to eat it.  When we sit down for dinner, he will look at the plate of food with a face that shows disgust.  As you can guess, man does it try our patience.  There have been times when we have wanted to put him to bed with no dinner but growing up with hunger pains in my belly as a child sometimes keeps me from doing so.  Oh well, when he is an adult I am sure we will look back and remember what a challenge it was to get him to eat and laugh about it.  I hope.

Remember when I told you guys that Bryan made chicken wings and onion rings for dinner Sunday night?  It is not the first time he has done this and I have to say, he can give Buffalo Wild Wings a run for their money because they are ggoooodddd.  He buys the frozen bags of chicken wings and then uses his Fry Daddy.  He makes his own sauces and it is always a huge hit for us.

He brought me a plate and when I began to eat, I noticed one of the wings still had a feather on it.  A white fluffy feather!!  Is anyone else freaked out about that?  Bryan acted like it was no big deal and just plucked it.  He said they were covered in feathers at one time which I understand but by the time they get to me, there shouldn't be no damn feathers on my food!!  *Shudders*  I had such a hard time eating but I didn't want to be rude when he just spent all of that time preparing our meal.  I guess that is why some people say they don't eat chicken wings becuase they are dirty.  Oh well.

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