Thursday, April 10, 2014

Square Peg Meets Circular Hole.

Do I still consider myself a mommy blogger?  Yes but I know I write a little about all kinds of things now but it all still involves what is going on with me or my family right now or about my past, which of course made me who I am today.

When I first started this blog, I was full on mommy blogger because my kids were little and said cute things.  Now they are older and although still loveable most of the time, if I only blogged about them, you wouldn't be seeing very many posts.

I can say though that one of the main reasons I started to blog again was because I had read my blog from the beginning to when I stopped and loved being reminded about things they said or did that I had forgotten.  I want to be able to chronicle as much of their lives on here as possible so that in a few years when they are both driving and in high school (egads I am getting old), I can look back and reminisce.  Another reason is because I LOVE to write.  I will start a post on here and just type and type and type and then realize I am writing a damn book and need to wrap it up or people are going to fall asleep!

I think for now instead of trying to force my blog into a certain category, I will just say oh yes, I have a blog and if asked what it is about I will reply, you will just have to check it out.  ;)

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