Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your Opinion Please

Still feeling pretty shitty today today.  Actually, worse today then I did yesterday and I didn't sleep well at all from not being able to breathe out of my nose like a normal human being.  But I didn't want to not stop by and ask you guys some advise.

I mentioned on Monday how Claire's friend Iana came over this past weekend.  Well before Iana went home, the girls swapped phone cases because Claire has about 3 or 4 becuase it seems they are now considered an accessory and I guess this is the new friendship bracelet.

I didn't really care but I mentioned last night at dinner that the case she ended up with was a Hello Kitty one that I didn't think was all that cute and I knew the one we bought her was a lot more expensive.  She said she didn't swap the one we got from Traders Village (25.00 for that one) but had switched the one she got from Walgreens.  (Just 10.00 Mom!)  She went on to say the one from T.V. had gone missing and when I asked her to explain, she said over the weekend Iana claimed she saw one of the dogs carry it off into the livingroom but Claire said she couldn't find it.

Now let me tell you, the dogs do not go into her room and they have never carried anything lik that off.  I think she stole it.  I want to contact her Mom and not accuse her daughter but mention it has gone missing and was wondering if it had ended up in Iana's bag or should I just let it go?

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