Friday, March 28, 2014


I overheard a conversation the other day that made me think of a childhood memory. I know I told you guys my Mom took me to live in GA with her when I was around 8. I spent most of my time alone because my Mother was always either at work or going out.

During the summer, my brother and sister (both younger) would come and visit. We would be home all day by ourselves and constantly thinking up crazy shit to do because we were bored. One day we took the mattress off of one of the twin beds and rode it down the stairs. That was tons of fun until my brother's foot went through the wall, leaving a nice hole Mom was sure to see.

I had a huge imagination so I was always writing stories, playing Barbies, reading, or creating games for us. At the time this happened, we were living in a 2 story house. The way it was built, you could crawl out either bedroom window upstairs right onto the roof. I got this great idea to jump off of the roof with an opened umbrella and float down to the ground like Mary Poppins.

I crawled out there, stood at the edge, opened the umbrella, and jumped. And fell so damn fast, I dont think I even knew what was happening. I landed on my feet, crumpled to the ground, and screamed bloody murder. I thought I had broken both of my legs because I couldnt seem to stand up.

I don't know if this is better or worse but my Mom happened to be home that day so my siblings went in and got her. She picked me up and brought me inside, asking me why in the hell I jumped off of the roof. Luckily I was able to walk shortly after the incident. I learned my lesson that day - Mary Poppins was a damn liar.


Another day my sister and I got the great idea to ride our skateboards down the giant hill in front of our house. We lived in Atlanta GA and this was no baby hill, it was like a damn mountain to get to the top. We got to the top and I chickened out. My sister did not.

She started off sitting with legs jutted out in front of her. I was at the bottom watching her. She began to catch up speed, she was really flying and she started to wobble so she put her feet out to stop her. But that didnt happen. It barely slowed her down. She ended up crashing into the curb by our house and the street burned a hole through her sock and had began to tear her skin off of the top of her foot. She still has the scar to this day. Not our greatest idea for sure.


I can also tell you the time that my brother was jumping on the couch in the livingroom and ended up breaking one of the legs off. Scared to get in trouble, he threw the leg in the trash. When my Mom came home from work and proceeded to sit on the couch, the whole thing tilted with a loud BONK to the left. She was pissed. Wasn't a good night for him.


We had chores we were all supposed to do. My brother was supposed to vacuum the livingroom and our bedrooms. Being lazy, instead of picking up anything that was on the floor, he attempted to just suck it up. This time it was my sister's underwear. He sucked them up and broke the vacuum. My Mom beat him with the vacuum hose when she got home. Fun times.

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