Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meat Loaf

I wrote not too long ago about how I have started venturing out in things I cook. The funny thing for me is I have to be in the mood. I will cook during the week things I know I know how to make like tacos or Hamburger Helper but occasionally I get a creative spark and want to try something new.

Friday I was going through some simple recipes and ran across beef tips in a gravy over toast. It basically sounded like something my Aunt used to make when I was a kid called S.O.S. I pulled up the ingredients and thought, I can do this. The meat was actually Carl Budding's lunch meat and then the ingredients was basic stuff for a gravy, so said my husband.

The first time I made it, I tasted the gravy before putting in the meat and it was nasty. Tasted like paste. I poured everything out and started over. When I tasted it the second time, it still made me want to throw up. Bryan was at work so I called him about it. He said the meat would flavor it so I threw it in, warmed it for a little while and then tried it once more. I almost threw up. It tasted just as gross.

When Bryan got home I asked him to please fix it. He added all kinds of seasoning and said it tasted much better but I refused to taste it again. He put it in tupperware and it is in the fridge, staring me down every time I open the door. Ick.

Last night I tried to make meatloaf. I did not have a loaf pan so I used a baking sheet like it suggested with a tall rim. The recipe called for a 1 & 1/2 pound of meat and 1 whole onion. To me that seems like a lot of onion. I get that onion adds flavor but really, it was like would you like a little meat with your onion? And to make matters worse, my chopping skills are seriously lacking. Some bits looked nice and others looked like the ladies who grow their nails so long you wonder how they manage to do anything.

I do have to say, with the ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar topping on it the smell was heavenly when it was baking. I did my best with shaping it into a "loaf" shape. When I pulled it out, all I could think was how my meatloaf actually resemebled a turd. At least it was a delicious turd though!

Oh, Bryan loved it but both kids hated it.

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