Thursday, March 27, 2014

Party Update!

Taylor's party was a success even though only 2 of the 8 children showed up. We had booked it at Track 21 which is an indoor go-cart place that also has laser tag and putt putt golf.

The kids got 1 hour on the track for just their party. Claire was also a part of the party and Bryan chose to race too. When they first started, neither of my kids have driven go-carts before so between then and Bryan flying around the track like a crazy person, I was a nervous wreck. I ended up having to not watch them. The party started at 1 pm and one of his guests showed up on time. The other I knew was going to be late because her Mom had called and said they should be there around 2 which I said was fine. She didnt get to drive as much as the others but that was probably for the best because she hit the walls a lot.

The friends that came I will call Einstein and Veruca Salt. Bryan had filled me in on Einstein on the way to the party because Taylor has had classes with him since elementary school and Bryan had met him a few times at class parties. He said he was known as the smartest kid in school and that he was gluten free. Veruca Bryan was not familiar with and since she showed up with her Mom while the others were racing, I chatted with her briefly. She kept demanding loudly for them to stop the race so she could join. She was rude to her Mom and woudl slap her arm hard if her Mom said something she thought was not funny. They were chummy about it but I did not like the disrespect. And she was loud. They finally got her on the track with a huge sigh of relief from me.

At one point I look over and Taylor's glasses have fallen down his face and are resting on his chin. A sign that we need to get them adjusted for sure but I told the party coordinator that she needed to stop the race so he could get them back in place. She does and I see Taylor hand his glasses to the fella with the flags! Someone who needs corrective lenses to see is now DRIVING around a course without them!! Surpsingly, he did pretty good - only glancing off the sides a few times. I felt like I needed a Valium watching the maddness.

Laser tag was a bust according to the kids. Not exactly sure why other than the kids saying it was lame. We ended up not getting home until 5 pm and Taylor told us he wanted to do it again for his next birthday so I guess it was a hit. I am thinking next year maybe having his party the week before so it doesnt fall on Spring Break, maybe that will help with the attendance.

I have to say this was probably his best party since he was real young. Yay Mom and Dad!!!

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