Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MIA Yesterday

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. Taylor was home sick from school. He started running a fever Saturday evening and coughing so Bryan went to Walgreens and bought some Childrens Mucinex for cough, cold, and fever reducer. Sunday he seemed to be on the mend but when that evening came around, the fever was back. He didn't sleep well at all that night from the nonstop coughing. That morning we checked his temperature and it was still high so I let work know I wouldnt be in that day.

I got him a doctor's appointment at 9:30 and after seeing the doctor, I was told he had a virus and they were going to prescribe an inhaler for his cough. The doctor felt that would be best because his lungs easliy become irritated since he was a preemie. This was news to me but made sense becuase when I had bronchitis, that inhaler was a God send. He said we could continue with the Mucinex for the fever.

We left, picked up his prescription, and then headed on home. He ate a good breakfast, took his inhaler, and then went and laid down. He continued to cough all day and I reminded him that he did just start the inhaler, how we needed to give it time to work. By than evening, his appetite had dissapeared and he was still coughing and the fever was back. I sent Bryan to Walgreens for an aresnol of stuff.

We ended up putting him to bed with Vick's Vapor Rub on his chest and his feet. We gave him Tylenol for the fever (102.3), a cough suppresent that was night time formula that we hoped would help him sleep, the inhaler, and a cough drop. I figured either we killed him or things would get better for him.

Bryan is home with him today and so far so good. He is asleep right now but Bryan is going to wake him around 12, take his temperature, and then go from there.


Yesterday while sitting in the car waiting on his prescription I mentioned outloud that the phones were down at the office which sucks. I said, "Thank you Baby Jesus that I don't have to deal with that today." Taylor responded, "No, thank Taylor for being sick."
Awesome kid.

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