Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So if you live in Houston, I have to ask, how are you loving this weather? I do have to say it was a little crazy being in the 80's on Saturday and then to be below freezing last night and this morning but I love the winter wonderland look. The trees look so magical covered in ice and everywhere I looked it seems like the perfect picture to snap. We did have some branches break off of one of our trees but luckily they did not fall on the house.

It all started around 6 or 7 at my house with hubby talking about freezing rain later that night. Of course, all Taylor heard was school is closing. We told him that they probably would not make that call until later tonight or super early in the am. We put him to bed like normal at 9 pm and then he is allowed to watch tv until 10. Something tells me he stayed up much later though because when Bryan woke him up this morning for school (not closed) he started bawling. He cried all morning and then as I drove him to school, he stopped crying but started noddin off. Someone is going to have a long day.

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