Friday, March 14, 2014

Taylor's Party

Taylor's birthday is next Saturday. We have his party scheduled at a place called Track 21 where they are known for their indoor gokarts, laser tag, and putt putt golf. Taylor handed out about 8 invitations to his friends and although he has told me some of his friends said they were coming, I haven't received one RSVP. I am starting to get worried. It is still a week away and maybe folks don't usually RSVP till the last minute, I hope. It will be terrible if no one shows. I asked him to remind his friends today about RSVP'ng so lets hope I get some calls.

The party itself is costing 300.00 dollars so I would really like him to be able to enjoy it. We have never had much luck with Taylor's parties so we usually try to do something where my parents and aunts & uncles and cousins come bowling with him. I thought this year might be different though because he is in junior high and talks about his friends all of the time. There is one that lives just around the corner that comes over and he goes over there and he invited him as well so I guess that's all I can do.

Claire's birthday is in the summer so I don't usually have to worry about throwing her a party. Typically we go out of town for our summer trip to Sea World or Galveston and then combine her birthday with that. Last year she invited friends to go skating with her and then had a slumber party. Easy enough.

I hope and pray that his party will turn out as fantastic as he is!

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